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This bear was originally designed in winter/spring of 2023.


"Nakoda The White Grizzly"


In recent years there has been several sightings of a white bear in the Canadian Rockies. This bear is a grizzly bear with very uncharacteric white coloured fur. She is often seen on the side of the Trans Canada Highway and often causes traffic jams.


In the spring, Parks Canada puts up no stopping signs and has started to enforce it, all in the attempts to protect Nakoda and all wildlife making the most of spring in the mountains. In 2022 Nakoda became a bit of a hazaard when she would continuely climb the wildlife fences and get onto the highway to make sure the grass wasn't greener on the wrong side of the fence. 


Nakoda is a special bear and I hope to see her on the right side of the fence this spring. I do not have any photos of her even though I have seen her twice. 



The mountain and scene in this piece is Mount Burgess at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. The front frame/first piece depicts the fireweed wildflowers that grow along its shoreline.


Ornament SIZE: 4" X 4" X 5/8" thick

Shelf Sitter SIZE: 8" X 8" X 5/8" thick




**Internal stain colours will vary. The first/front layer will always be white for this piece. Special requests may be accommodated**

Special Edition "Nakoda" the White Grizzly

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  • Additional Info:

    **Stain colours will vary. Each layer is hand stained by Dani and is put together at random to keep a variety of stain patterns. Special requests may be accommodated with additional time required**


  • Production Time:

    These creations are all hand made and take about a week finish.

    When ordering for a gift please allow 7 days for production incase we don't have any ready made stock available to ship out right away. 

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