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This raven was designed in the Spring of 2024


Stain colours picked at random for each piece. 



"Columbia Icefields Raven"


The raven is quite the interesting bird. I have so many stories of them doing something but nothing compared to the first real raven experience I had along the Icefields Parkway, specifically at the Columbia Icefields. Anytime I would get into my vehicle one would land just outside my door and spook me when I didn't see it fly and land there. It happened a bunch of times. Then I drove 30 minutes down the road and before I could open my door to get out, 2 ravens sat in the same spot and spooked me again. In the last 13 years I have learned this is typical behaviour for these stalkers, I mean birds. 


SIZE: 4" X 3.5" X 1/2" thick


**Stain colours will vary. Special requests may be accommodated**

Columbia Icefields Raven

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  • Additional Info:

    **Stain colours will vary. Each layer is hand stained by Dani and is put together at random to keep a variety of stain patterns. Special requests may be accommodated with additional time required**

  • Production Time:

    These creations are all hand made and take about a week finish.

    When ordering for a gift please allow 7 days for production incase we don't have any ready made stock available to ship out right away. 

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