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This Bird collection 3 pack of the Animal Shape decorations were originally designed and offered in spring of 2024. Every year we will be adding a new collection of animals.

These collections are packaged together as a set.


Each piece is roughly 4"x4"x1/2"


Stain colours picked at random for each piece. 



A little story about the animals in this set.


"Goats & Glaciers Mountain Goat"


There is one place in the National Parks where is almost a guarantee to see Mountain Goats and that is at the Goats & Glaciers lookout along the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park. They may not always be along the road side but they may be on the rivers edge or the mountain side above. This is a stunning lookout that overlooks the Athabasca River and the stunning mountains in the distance that are included in this piece. 


SIZE: 4" X 3" X 1/2" thick



"Medicine Lake BigHorn Sheep"


I have many memorable encounters with bighorn sheep, but nothing compares to the experience at Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. 


We drove along the Malgine Lake Road looking for wildlife when we came up to a herd of sheep licking the side of a vehicle. We thought it was hilarious and to get better photos we got out of my vehicle and stood far enough away from the animals and got photos. Well the vehicle that was getting licked left. At that point the sheep, in unison all turned and started migrating quickly towards my parked vehicle to lick the salt off it. 


I couldn't get to my vehicle in time before it was surrounded by sheep. The big male even headbutted my car to knock the snow off it. They were unbothered by my vehicle alarm and remote start to "scare" them off. We had to wait about 20 minutes for another vehicle to show up and drive close to my vehicle to herd them away so I could slip in behind and get into my car. 


SIZE: 4" X 3" X 1/2" thick



"Lake Minnewanka Fox"


The fox was one of those animals that I don't see very often. It took me a few years of living in the Bow Valley to finally see one. They are so adorable!


In recent years I have seen many of these little foxes scurring along side the road, specifically in the Lake Minnewanka area because there is a den site in the area. 


SIZE: 4" X 2" X 1/2" thick



"Lake Louise Ground Squirrel"


If you've been to Lake Louise, then you have seen the ground squirrels. They are numberous and exceptionally adorable. Some are overly friendly and some know just how to pose for photos. I have countless stories of encoungers with this little buggers and they always end with me talking to them and telling them "I'm not giving you any food"

Mountains in this piece are Mt. Fairview on the left, Mt. Victoria in the middle and Mount Whyte, Mount Niblock and Mount St. Piran on the right.


SIZE: 4" X 2" X 1/2" thick


**Stain colours will vary. Special requests may be accommodated**

Bird Collection

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  • Additional Info:

    **Stain colours will vary. Each layer is hand stained by Dani and is put together at random to keep a variety of stain patterns. Special requests may be accommodated with additional time required**


    All decorations will come ready to hang with a preinstalled eye screw and ribbon. I took photos before I added the hanging device. 

  • Production Time:

    These creations are all hand made and take about a week finish.

    When ordering for a gift please allow 7 days for production incase we don't have any ready made stock available to ship out right away. 

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