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  • Your products are made of wood, can they be shipped to Australia?
    YES! Our products are made of treated plywood and are stained and clear coated with acrylic finish to protect them.
  • Can you create a custom animal piece for me?
    Yes we can! Feel free to message us and we will go over what animal you'd like and what location and story you would like to portray with in the piece.
  • Do you have wholesale pricing?
    Yes, we do have wholesale pricing available! We would love for you to carry our items for your customers.
  • I need an item shipped fast, can you do that?
    Yes, please contact us before you order to make sure we have your desired animal(s) available in stock. We can ship expedited at an additional cost. If we don't have the animal(s) available. Please allow 1 week for the items to be made before shipping is available.
  • What size animals can you create?
    Our store offers 4 inch and 8 inch animal options but we have the capacity to create pieces up to 20 inches on the short side and 36 inches on the longest side.
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