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This moose was originally designed in fall of 2022.


"Moraine Moose"


For years I had heard of people seeing a moose on their way into Moraine Lake. I had friends arrive at Moraine Lake 10 minutes after I did and tell me they saw one on their way in. After 8 years of visiting Moraine Lake several hundred times, I thought I was just not meant to see it... until one morning when I came around the corner and there it was, right on the side of the road and crossed right in front of me. The following few years I would see a moose a a couple times at the entrance of Moraine Lake Road. 


Ornament SIZE: 4" X 3.5" X 1/2" thick

Shelf Sitter SIZE: 8" X 7" X1/2" thick


Photo attached was taken fairly close to Moraine Lake/Lake Louise. (Photo taken 2012)


**Stain colours will vary. Special requests may be accommodated**

Moraine Moose

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  • Additional Info:

    **Stain colours will vary. Each layer is hand stained by Dani and is put together at random to keep a variety of stain patterns. Special requests may be accommodated with additional time required**


    All decorations will come ready to hang with a preinstalled eye screw and ribbon. I took photos before I added the hanging device. 

  • Production Time:

    These creations are all hand made and take about a week finish.

    When ordering for a gift please allow 7 days for production incase we don't have any ready made stock available to ship out right away. 

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